Spring Bouquets

Cooking may be my favorite thing to do, but making bouquets comes very close.
I adhere to my philosophy of never buying flowers because I find that if you observe nature and look carefully enough there are plenty of interesting and beautiful flowers, leaves, berries and branches in all the seasons to make appealing, if not glorious arrangements (not to mention the money it saves).

It’s such a pleasure to be outdoors observing seasonal flora and searching for the hidden, and not so hidden, gifts that nature has to offer. And the result is such a rewarding addition to the home.

I look forward to sharing with you my “Bouquet of the Week” …

The arrival of springtime and the sunny weather brings joy to our spirits. It also has brought us a cornucopia of flowers in colors varied and bright. After the bold bouquets of last week with deep purple lilas, strong yellow genista, bright tulips of all hues and deep blue irises, I was inspired by a more subtle arrangement today.

Snow balls, clematites, white irises, chestnut tree flowers, and young purple beech leaves are the main ingredients in todays Mother’s Day bouquet…and sunshine for the photo.