Wall Upholstery Course (Tenture Murale)


Tenture Murale is a classic french style of decorating rooms by covering the walls with fabric.

It has the wonderful effect of giving warmth and a certain luxuriousness to the space. The style and effect will depend on what fabric you choose and there are fabrics to create every possible ambiance.

You can create something very châteauesque with a silk or cotton damask, or a warm Ralph Lauren style with plads or stripes, it can be light and flowery, or a more serene glazed linen.

Bedrooms are ideal but it can be your living room, entrance, library, stairwell, walk-in closet, even the bathroom!

The only room I would not consider doing this in would be the kitchen.

It is relatively simple to master, I find it much more fun and easier than wall paper and definitely easier to change, if and when you want a new look. It is an ideal way to decorate walls that are not exactly straight (like in old french chateaux) or poorly finished, or that you just don’t want to go to the trouble of preparing perfectly.

It is also really good for sound absorption and is often less expensive than wall paper.
You, your family and your friends will be “wow-ed” by the transformation!

Supplies are pretty basic: a space, or wall, to decorate, sewing machine, stapling machine, small wooden baguettes, nails and hammer, tape measure, a ladder, dacron and of course, material. Music is optional.

I will show you how to plan and measure, pattern considerations, preparing the walls, applying the dacron, sewing the fabric to match perfectly the patterns, which corner to start with, and where to go from there, to create a beautiful and luxurious space that will delight and warm anyone who enters.

We will start the program with a clean empty room on the third floor of our château,  ready to be decorated and all the necessary materials.

Arrival on the evening before, settle in your nice spacious room in the château and we’ll enjoy a relaxed dinner together.

Courses start after breakfast, at 9:30.

Lunches and dinners will be prepared and served.

Day 1
We will discuss topics such as fabric choice, structural considerations (angles, windows, beams and other obstacles), how to measure, where the seams will go, matching the patterns, calculating yardage, where to cut, where not to cut (!), apply the dacron, and begin cutting and sewing. Of course we will have a nice lunch break and take time some to relax and take notes during the day.

Day 2
We will finish cutting, sewing, ironing the seams and start applying the fabric. Learn how to make perfect corners, stretch, but not too much, the fabric, fitting properly around windows, doors, electrical outlets, any wall-mounted fixtures and beams,  to have it all perfectly lined up, and looking very beautiful and professional.

Day 3
Today will be finish-up day. Working on the corners, angles and other details that will get everything looking just right and glue the final ribbon that hides the staples. We should be able to hang some sconces and a painting and take some very nice pictures before we chill out by the fountain waiting for dinner.

Day 4
Leisure departure after breakfast.


€1040  per participant – Shared Room
€200 supplement for Single Room, private bath
€800 per non-participant guest

Accommodations in the château, meals and supplies are included.

We offer a price reduction for arrivals and departures on the course days.

Please contact us to request custom dates for your group (minimum 2 – maximum 6 persons)